Public Access to Citations and Disciplinary Actions


Citations issued to licensees, registrants, and permit holders of the Board are provided below and listed by year. Citations for unlicensed individuals are also included. You can access public citation records using the Board’s “Online License Verification” page. In accordance with California Code of Regulations, title 16, section 2043, subsection (f), the Board maintains citation records for five years from the date of resolution, unless the licensee is subject to formal discipline within five years immediately following the citation order.

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions filed against licensees, registrants, and permit holders of the Veterinary Medical Board (Board) are provided below and listed by year. You can access the public disciplinary action records using the Board’s “Online License Verification” page. While the Board strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to the public, human or technical error remains a possibility, as does possible delay in posting or updating information. Therefore, the Board does not guarantee that the information is accurate.

Board decisions on disciplinary actions become effective on the "effective date" shown on the decision, unless the respondent has obtained a court-ordered stay of the decision. This may occur after the Board has posted the decision. The Board typically adopts formal disciplinary actions during regularly scheduled quarterly meetings. The Board's meeting schedule can be found at For updated information on stay orders and appeals, view the Board's Web site at a later date or contact the Board at (916) 575-5220.

Explanation of Administrative Citation & Fine Language

A Citation and Fine Order is an alternative means by which the Board can address relatively minor violations that would not necessarily warrant discipline in order to protect the public. Citation and Fine Orders ARE NOT disciplinary actions but are matters of public record for five years.

Citation Ordered - A means of addressing relatively minor violations. No monetary fine levied.

Citation and Fine Ordered - A means of addressing relatively minor violations with a monetary fine levied.

Citation Paid in Full - Fine levied paid in full, representing satisfactory resolution of the matter for purposes of public disclosure.

Explanation of Disciplinary Language

Accusation - Charges filed against a licensee, registrant, or permit holder alleging violation(s) of the Veterinary Medicine Practice Act.

Decision - The order issued by the Board in a disciplinary action.

  • Stipulated Settlement - A settlement agreed to by the parties in lieu of a formal hearing to resolve the statement of issues or accusation and impose discipline.
  • Proposed Decision - A document that contains the determination of issues, findings of fact and proposed order of an administrative law judge after the conclusion of an administrative hearing.

Default Decision - Licensee fails to respond to an Accusation by filing a Notice of Defense or fails to appear at administrative hearing.

Initial Probationary License - A probationary license imposing discipline issued to an applicant in lieu of denial of the application.

Interim Suspension Order - An order issued upon petition by the Board, suspending a licensee from all or a specified part of veterinary practice.

Petition to Revoke Probation - Based upon violation(s) of probation, the Board may file charges against a probationer seeking revocation of the license.

Probation Term Completed - Licensee completed the probationary period successfully.

Probation Tolled - The licensee is not currently working as required by the probationary terms. The probationary period of time served does not begin until the probationer commences practice in California.

Public Reproval - A formal reprimand issued by the Board.

Revoked - The right to practice is ended.

Revoked, Stayed, Probation - "Stayed" means the revocation is postponed, put off. Professional practice may continue so long as the licensee complies with specific probationary terms and conditions. Violation of probation may result in the revocation that was postponed.

Statement of Issues - Charges filed against an applicant to deny licensure due to alleged violation(s) of the Veterinary Medicine Practice Act.

Surrender of License - The licensee turns in the license, subject to acceptance by the Board. The right to practice is ended.

Suspension - The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specific period.

Abbreviated Regulatory Language

BPC – Business and Professions Code
CCR – California Code of Regulations
HSC – Health and Safety Code