Board and Committee Members

The Department of Consumer Affairs maintains a webpage where existing board members can access resources and the requirements of their board membership. In addition, interested applicants can research board vacancies and apply for membership in a Consumer Affairs Board.

Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) Members

VMB MembersTerm Expiration DatePositionAppointing Authority
Kathy Bowler, PresidentJune 1, 20221PublicGovernor
Christina Bradbury, DVM, Vice PresidentJune 1, 20221LicenseeGovernor
Jennifer Loredo, RVTJune 1, 20221LicenseeGovernor
Jaymie Noland, DVMJune 1, 2023LicenseeGovernor
Dianne PradoJune 1, 20221PublicSpeaker of the Assembly
Maria Preciosa S. Solacito, DVMJune 1, 2024LicenseeGovernor
Maria Salazar Sperber, JDJune 1, 2024PublicSenate Committee on Rules
VACANTJune 1, 2025LicenseeGovernor
1Although the term has expired, the Board member is now serving a one-year "grace period" per Business and Professions Code section 4802.

Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee (MDC) Members

MDC MembersTerm Expiration DatePositionAppointing Authority
Richard Sullivan, DVM, ChairJune 30, 2025LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
Leah Shufelt, RVT, Vice-ChairJune 30, 2023LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
Christina Bradbury, DVMJune 1, 2022VMBStatutory
Kevin Lazarcheff, DVMJune 30, 2024LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
Jennifer Loredo, RVTJune 1, 2022VMBStatutory
Jamie Peyton, DVMJune 30, 2023LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
Dianne Sequoia, DVMJune 30, 2024LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
Marie Ussery, RVTJune 30, 2024LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
VACANTJune 30, 2024PublicVeterinary Medical Board

Wellness Evaluation Committee (WEC) Members

WEC MembersTerm Expiration DatePositionAppointing Authority
Alan Drusys, DVMJune 30, 2023LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
Justin JohnsonJune 30, 2023PublicVeterinary Medical Board
Linda Pirie, DVMJune 30, 2026LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
Steven Sweetser, DVMJune 30, 2023LicenseeVeterinary Medical Board
VACANT2June 30, 2026PublicVeterinary Medical Board