Operation of Radiographic Equipment FAQs

What changed regarding the operation of radiographic equipment?

Business and Professions Code section 4840.7, was amended effective January 1, 2011, to require training in radiation safety and techniques for laypersons working in veterinary hospitals who are operating radiographic equipment.

Another change is that the managing licensee of the veterinary premise must maintain records of radiation safety and technique training and the records must be available for review by the Veterinary Medical Board or its designee (e.g. hospital inspector) upon request.

What type of training is required and what documentation would satisfy proof of training?

The new law does not identify specific areas of radiation safety and technique training or specific documents to verify such training.

Examples of radiation safety and technique training that could be covered are the areas listed in the Veterinary Medical Board's Radiation Safety Guide:

- Effects of Radiation to the Body
- Competency and Training of Veterinary Radiographers
- Personnel Monitoring
- Occupational Dose Equivalent Limits
- Veterinary Radiographic Machine Requirements
- Veterinary Radiographer Protective Apparel
- Veterinary Radiographer Responsibilities
- Radiographic Film
- Employing/Supervising Veterinarian Responsibilities

Where can I go to get the required training?

One option for fulfilling the radiation safety and technique training requirement is the Veterinary Medical Board’s Radiation Safety Guide and included test. Professional local and state associations may also provide radiation safety and technique training that would satisfy the requirement.

For further questions about radiographic requirements, contact the Veterinary Medical Board.