VMB Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Veterinary Medical Board would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Please help us by taking a few minutes to complete our brief customer satisfaction survey. Your participation is appreciated.

1. What was the nature of your interaction with the Veterinary Medical Board?

a. Enforcement/Complaints
b. License Application
c. Licensee
d. Consumer/General Questions
e. Other

2. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the quality of services provided by the Veterinary Medical Board:

a. Very dissatisfied
b. Somewhat dissatisfied
c. Neutral
d. Somewhat satisfied
e. Very satisfied

3. Please rate your satisfaction with the services provided by the Veterinary Medical Board in each of the following areas:

Neutral Somewhat
Courtesy and Professionalism
Timeliness of getting back to you when needed
Listening carefully and understanding your needs
Having the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs
Providing clear, complete, and accurate information
Usefulness of Board website

4. If you expressed dissatisfaction in any of the areas above, please explain why you feel that way below:

5. Please provide any other helpful suggestions on how we may improve your experience with the Board in the box below: