NEW Application and Licensing Fees

Beginning in March 2018, the Veterinary Medical Board (Board) has increased its application and licensing fees.

Why have fees increased?

There are several important contributing factors requiring that the Board increase application and renewal fees. Crucial among these is the continued protection of the public and costs the Board incurs to ensure professional veterinary practice standards are upheld.

As a consumer protection agency, the Board’s highest priority is protection of the public in exercising its regulatory, licensing, inspection, and disciplinary functions.

A recent application and license fee audit conducted by a third-party accounting firm found that for the Board to continue to meet its mandate of public protection, including the regulation of professional veterinary practice standards, an increase to its fees is critical.

Where can I find more information?

Board staff prepared Memorandums and other technical information for the Board at its January, July, and December 2017 public meetings that outlined the current Board Fund condition, options, and the third-party accounting firm audit.

January 2017 Memorandum to the Board with attachments

July 2017 Memorandum to the Board with attachments - including Fee Audit Report

December 2017 Memorandum to the Board with attachments

After review of information presented by staff, the Board voted to approve a general fee increase at its July 2017 meeting. The Board further approved an emergency filing of the new fee regulations at its December 2017 meeting due to the impending shortfall in revenue and risk to its core mission of public protection.

The Board publicly noticed the proposed emergency regulations in February 2018; the emergency filing can be found here.

Where can I comment on the new fees?

While the public comment period for emergency regulations is closed, the Board will make a regular filing (within 180 days of the new fees enactment) for the fees to become permanent. Public comment is welcome during the 45-day public comment period.

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